Proven Methods to Generate Green Money from Wastewater Facilities


1.2 CEUs


Municipal wastewater treatment systems are under increasing pressure to improve performance while maintaining costs. At the same time, wastewater is also a valuable resource that contains various beneficial products that can provide much sought after extra funds. These include inorganic and materials, nutrients and other various forms of energy.

Wastewater can be considered a poorly labeled resource. Understanding valuable properties of wastewater is required to shift our attitude towards wastewater.

Understanding the status of technology and having the tools in recovering these valuable resources from wastewater, will empower operators not only to protect the environment and reduce the environmental footprint but also to make wastewater treatment more affordable and in some cases profitable.

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Topics include:
-nutrient recovery options & technologies
-intensification of digestion and biogas recovery
-biogas to energy options including boilers to generate hot water or steam for heating occupied spaces, combined heat and electrical power from reciprocating engines and/or turbines, biomethane "pipeline quality gas" for use as a renewable natural gas, renewal compressed natural gas (R-CNG) for use as a fuel in vehicles, liquefied natural gas (LNG) for efficient storage and/or transportation and fuel cells to generate combined electricity heat and power
-increased fermentation for energy recovery
-wastewater heat recovery
-grit recovery
-energy and fertilizer from biosolids - combustion and heat recovery, gasification, pyrolysis, biocrude production

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