2020 Pre-Seminar Workshop #6 - The Future - Its Not What It Used to Be (Climate Change 101)


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Recent severe weather and extreme events in Alberta have posed risks to public safety and challenged the service provided by engineered systems within our communities.

What the future holds moving forward is difficult to say. What we do know is that climate change increases the likelihood of extreme weather events and instances of flood as well as drought.

The impacts of severe weather add to the existing stresses on infrastructure and services it provides. In addition to factors that reduce the capacity and performance of these assets such as age and increased demand, the increased intensity of weather events can produce the incremental tipping point load to trigger potential asset failure.

In this context, an increasing number of public agencies and organizations that provide public services are now being required to address climate change adaptation as part of their primary mandate.

What’s equally important is that Operators and public works employees, who are on the frontlines of keeping assets running, be equally conversant with the challenges being faced and tools to address those challenges moving forward.

Topics Covered Include:

1.0 Climate Change Impacts 101
• Extreme Events & Climate Change Science (101)

2.0 Adaptation to Impacts
• Water & Wastewater Treatment Adaptations
• Community Infrastructure & Water Distribution Adaptations
• Emergency Preparedness Planning Adaptations

3.0 Tools to Address the Challenges & Case Studies
• HVRA’s, PIEVC etc

4.0 How does this impact me as an operator?

Presented by: Jeremy Fyke, Jeff Fetter, Juliana Tang, Grant Dixon, Associated Engineering. Moderated by Garry Drachenberg

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