2020 Pre-Seminar Workshop #4 - Effective Communication for Utilities Personnel


0.3 CEUs


This session will provide an understanding of how to communicate effectively with your operators and your managers – to pass information so that both parties understand things the same way. It will discuss the three T’s of effective communication: Types, Technical and Tools and how these can be used effectively.

A sample from the workshop is below:

What is effective communication?
2-way passing of information so that both parties understand the same things the same way. Multiply this by the number of people you need to communicate with.
The 3-T’s of Effective Communication:
Types – Public speaking – generally one way communication – groups over 15
Medium groups – under 15 people
Small groups – between 5-8 people
Technical – Words – think, consider, write, read, rewrite
Tone – We can say what we think without even using the words
Body Language – How the way we carry ourselves, sit, stand, hold ourselves can enhance or kill effective communication
Tools – In person communication:
Writing – letter
Social Media
Different tools have different uses – example: name different kinds of saws – all are valuable in certain situations. Communication tools have value in the right situation, but not in every situation. Here’s how each one can be used effectively.

Presented by: Todd Reimer, Boots on the Ground Coaching

Dates & Locations

    • Session #4
    • Mar 9, 2020 1:00pm - Mar 9, 2020 4:30pm
    • Banff Rocky Mountain Resort - 1029 Banff Ave - Banff

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