2020 Pre-Seminar Workshop #1 - Creating a Training Program for the Future - CRD Water Treatment Plant


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A number of years ago we came to the realization that in a short time we would be at a point where we would be losing years of experience through retirement.
At that time we had a rudimentary training process that we had regarded as ‘father to son’ training. This is what had been used for years and would be very similar to what most facilities would be using at the time. Senior Operators worked with new operators training them in all aspects of the WTP operation.
It was a good tool but lacked a structure that was necessary to prove proficiency & competency in many aspects.
We began to design a twofold system that would take new staff through two separate paths that we hoped would culminate in a better trained operator.

Key Discussion Points:
- Aging staff ready for retirement
11 Operations Staff – How many years of experience?
14 Altogether – How many years of experience?
- Review training needs and expectations to determine path forward.
Create a concept of desired outcomes.
AEP & OH&S Requirements.
Supervisor approval of the concept.
- Review & restructure the current Operations Manual.
This document would be the foundation for the training
- Discuss what we believed are required competencies.
OH&S requirements
Industry Best Practices
WTP Operational Practices
- Discuss documentation needs.
- New Hire Orientations.
- Create the ‘paths’.
Engage operations staff for comment on process.
Discuss trainers.
Prove trainer competencies.
Train the Trainer.
- Create documentation.
Discuss Document retention.
- Two part approach.
Part 1 – 8 weeks – Backend Operation.
Part 2 – 16 weeks – Frontend Operation.
Ongoing peer reviews.
Supervisory review.
- Competency requirements.
- Trial run / review and moving forward.

Presented by Bert Miller, City of Red Deer

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