2019 - Pre-Seminar Workshop #2 - Source Water Protection - What Can I Do as a Manager or Operator?


0.3 CEUs


The Source to Tap approach described in the Water for Life Strategy means that Managers and Operators are responsible for all aspects of their water systems from where the source comes from to the Customers home.
This workshop will focus on Source Water Protection, (what it is? what it means?) including practical ideas about what we can do in our local watershed or Community to improve our resilience to changes from climate or development and better protect our source water, now and in future.

Presented by:
Garry Drachenberg P.Eng, Vice President Water Solutions- Associated Engineering Group
Jeff Fetter P.Eng, Manager Water Division -Associated Engineering Alberta North.
Kristen Andersen, P.Biol., PWS, CPESC Senior Environmental Scientist – Associated Environmental.
Grant Dixon – Operations Specialist and Manager – ATAP Infrastructure Alberta/BC.
Anuja Ramgoolam - Acting Operations Manager - Alberta Water Council

Delivery Formats

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The presentation will cover the following subjects:
1.Source to Tap – defining the role of source in a multi-barrier approach to water treatment.
2.How to identify and quantify risk using tools like the Drinking Water Safety Plan
3.Building resiliency and redundancy into our source water diversion.
4.Protection of source water using wetlands and bio-engineering methods
5.A small case study where the group can help build a source water protection strategy.
6.Bringing it all together and communicating our source water protection plan to the public and Council or Board members.