Photo Contest

45th Annual Operators Seminar Photo Contest

To celebrate the 45th Annual Operators Seminar, the AWWOA invites you to submit a photo for your chance to win a prize! In addition to the AWWOA's own collection of photos, received submissions will be displayed at the Seminar.


1. Grand Prize: 55" TV
2. 2nd Place: $50 Gift Card
3. 3rd Place: $25 Gift Card

Winners will be announced Friday, March 13 at the Friday session of the 45th Annual Operators Seminar. To participate, you must be registered to attend the Seminar. 

Thank you to everyone who entered. Submissions are no longer being accepted.

Contest Rules, Submission Guidelines and Judging Criteria

  • Photo must be high resolution in a JPEG or PDG Format
  • A submission will only be accepted electronically
  • One entry per member
  • Entry must be relevant to the water/wastewater industry
  • Submission must be accompanied by a short description (max 50 words)
  • Submission must include the date of the photo
  • Submission must include a title

Members from the AWWOA Executive will be judging photos based on the following criteria:

✔️Originality - Is it a new image/idea? Does the image show an original portrayal of a common subject? Is it a new take on an old idea?

✔️Visual Impact - Is the image appealing to look at? Are photographic elements used to enhance the photo i.e. colour, lighting, spacing? Does it catch your eye?

✔️Storytelling - How well does the photograph capture or illustrate a particular story? Does the image effectively tell a story? What does the image show/tell you?

✔️Historical Impact - Does the photo capture a moment in time? Does it showcase a moment/project that will be important for years to come? Is it memorable?

✔️Industry Relevance - Does the photo have significance to the water/wastewater industry? Does it show operators, technology, infrastructure, etc.?

Thank you to everyone who entered. Submissions are no longer being accepted.