Seminar Opening Session

2018 Seminar Opening Session

The Water Brothers

Our opening session for this year’s Operator Seminar will feature a special presentation from The Water Brothers. From Ontario, Alex and Tyler Mifflin are hosts to their own eco-adventure documentary series that follows them as they explore the world, uncovering the most important water stories of our time. What are the problems, and where are the solutions to help us better protect our most precious resource?

The Water Brothers, Alex and Tyler Mifflin

The Water Brothers, Alex and Tyler Mifflin

Alex and Tyler are passionate about the subject of water conservation and use their respective educations in film and environmental studies to create this award-winning series. Alex is the lead researcher, co-writer and co-host and Tyler is the co-host, director, videographer and co-producer. They share a love of travel and adventure, a passion for the subject and a powerful desire to communicate their passion to audiences, especially their own generation.

Join us for this inspiring presentation and learn about the different materials, videos and animations that are available. Your utility or
municipality can link to the Water Brothers website and take advantage of great resources to help communicate important water and wastewater topics.