Meet Our 2019-20 Executive Board

posted on May 29 2019

At the 44th Annual Operators Seminar in Banff, our 2019-20 Executive Board was announced.

Congratulations to the elected Directors!




The AWWOA is pleased to introduce the following Board members. Some are brand new to the Board while others have served in a variety of positions. 

2019-20 Board of Directors

Position Name Representing
Chair Paresh Dhariya  AWWOA Officer
Vice Chair Darrin Wenzel  AWWOA Officer
Past Chair Ed Spohr  AWWOA Officer
Finance Chair  Mike Bureaud 150K+ Pop.
Operators Seminar Chair   Joseph Rahn 5K - 25K Pop.
Training Chair Dennis Tomuschat Under 5K Pop.
Nominations Chair Dave Harrison Under 5K Pop.
Charitable Donations Chair Doug Thorson Life Member
WCW Director Rep Bert J Miller WCW Rep.
Director Andy Bebbington 5K - 25K Pop.
Awards Chair Don Erechuk Public Facilities
Water Week Chair Kathy Robertson 25K - 150K Pop.
Director  Chris Huston 5K - 25K Pop.
Director Sandra Kotch 150K+ Pop.
Director  John Greathead 5K - 25K Pop.

If you are interested in joining the Executive, visit the Our Executive page for more information.